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I messaggi lasciati dai nostri gentili clienti

Anne Jones 01/10/2016
My boyfriend and I came to your workshop 1-2 weeks ago where we bought a beautiful musical jewellery box with a floral design, it now sits pride of place on our coffee table in middle of the living room. So many lovely pieces it was hard to choose.

Christine Wrench 13/04/2016
I brought back a beautiful picture for me and a musical box for my daughter. We love these. Beautifully made. Your shop was a delight and one of the highlights to our first holiday abroad. Thank you

Colin Padley. 20/04/2015
I came to your shop on the 13th April 2015, I bought three musical, two as gifts, my friends loved them, its such a pleasure to meet a craftsman with such passion for his work. Hopefully I will come back to buy some more stuff.

Eugene Cassidy 25/03/2014
Simply the most beautiful gift anyone can give or receive.

I visited your store in May 2013 and I can't wait to return.

Debbie Bateman 29/10/2013
This picture was taken many years ago when we were on vacation in Sorrento and we came into your shop. I left with this box and a couple of smaller music boxes. This box is one of my most cherished possessions.

Glad you are still making these beautiful creations.

Debbie Bateman,
Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

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