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To speak of inlaid woodwork of Sorrento is to speak of the story of our city and of our peninsula.
Inlaid woodwork represents one of the most important contributions to the economy of Sorrento. It transmits a message of art and taste of our population.
The origins of the inlaid woodwork start in the first half of the 1800's. It owes its success not only to the originality and significant results gained in a century and a half of work, but also the fact that it represents a famous and age old tradition.
The original masters of the "Marquetterie", Antonio Damora and Luigi Gargiulo, were influenced by the nearby ruins of the cities of Pompei and Herculaneum and the Neapolitan paintings of the 1800's.

The types of inlaid woodwork (intarsio) and the mosaics that they used in their first works represents the Sorrentine economy and life at the time.
The foundation of the art school (Scuola D'Arte) gave the Intarsia of Sorrento the push to create new artists and new laboratories forming the tradition, which, in the heart of the Sorrentine, is still alive.

Our artisan company follows the same traditions and we have been in business for over 35 years. We take great pride in our products which are made with only the finest wood, and we still use the techniques of those first artisans.
The quality of our work is the fundamental base on which we have built our business and we have received various awards.
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Wooden Tray

Wooden inlay trays in various sizes and colors.

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Anne Jones

My boyfriend and I came to your workshop 1-2 weeks ago where we bought a beautiful musical jewellery box with a floral design, it now sits pride of place on our coffee table in middle of the living room. So many lovely pieces it was hard to choose.

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